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NM-5000, a thermal device for home use

A thermal device for home use


  • Thermal Effects of Tourmanium

    Tourmanium ceramics applied to the device electrify anions and emit FIR radiation.

  • Internal Heating Element

    The heating element moves gently along the curves of the spine and alleviates muscle pain through heat and acupressure.

  • 3-level Height Adjustment

    The height of the mat can be adjusted to three different levels for the user to use the mat at a desired angle with convenience.

Sub Item

The low frequency pad and 5P heating element can be used in a concentrated fashion on the desired area,
and the sub items enhance the massaging and heating effects.

  • Low Frequency Pad That Can Be Used on Diverse Areas

    It can be used on diverse areas of the body including the abdomen, shoulders, thighs and feet.

  • Convenient 5P Heating Element

    It can be used on any area of the body you want with convenience and has minimal non-contact points for effective thermal stimulation.

  • Multi-functional Remote Control

    The user-oriented operating buttons, the major buttons with a protruding design, and the rack whose direction can be changed easily ensure improved user convenience.