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N4, a combination stimulator for home use

Ergonomic Design

Two heating projectors and NDT ceramic with ergonomic designs

The user-oriented ergonomic design enhances the effectiveness of the two heating projectors and the Tourmanium heating unit.
The auxiliary heating unit is of practical use as the length can be adjusted step by step and it is foldable.

  • Tourmanium heating for the
    arms and lower legs

    When the user lies down, the heating unit comes into contact with the arm and lower leg areas for muscle pain relief.

  • Heating projector exclusively for the cervical discs to release tension

    The soft heating projector for the cervical spine provides acupressure and thermal effects tailored specifically to the cervical discs.

  • Heating projector exclusively for the thoracic and lumbar discs to stimulate the spinal curves

    The heating projector with thermal and acupressure functions moves gently along the natural curvature of the spine and helps relieve muscle pain in the thoracic and lumbar areas.

  • Adjustable size

    The length can be adjusted according to the size of the user, meaning that it can be used by the entire family.

  • Foldable bottom unit for spatial efficiency

    The auxiliary mat on the bottom can be folded after use so that it takes up less space during storage.

Two simultaneously moving internal heating projectors

The two internal heating projectors move simultaneously and stimulate the entire length of the spine from the cervical through the thoracic until the lumbar discs at the same time for effective massaging and heating effect.

  • Exclusive cervical heating projector

  • Exclusive thoracic heating projector

Synergy Item

N4 synergy item with improved user convenience

  • Multifunctional remote control (rotatable remote control rack)

    There is a rotatable remote control rack, the angle of which can be adjusted as desired for convenient use of the device. With a wide screen and improved visibility, it is easy and convenient to manipulate the buttons and use the desired features.

  • Low-frequency pad with diverse uses

    Users, regardless of their body sizes, can use the device comfortably using the elastic band. It can also be used on diverse parts of the body including the back, thighs and feet in addition to the abdomen.

  • Convenient 5-ball projector

    It can be used comfortably on the desired part of the body, including areas that are hard to reach.

  • Auxiliary heating unit with concentrated
    heating effect

    concentrated heating effect on the lower legs for muscle pain relief. It ensures stability as it prevents the upper and lower bodies
    from moving.