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N5, a combination stimulator for home use

Ergonomic Design

Three heating projectors and NDT ceramic with ergonomic designs

The user-oriented ergonomic design enhances the effectiveness of the three heating projectors and the Tourmanium heating unit.
The head supporting pad and ankle cushions ensure comfort and improve heating effect.

  • Ankle cushions

    The ankle cushions of the auxiliary unit were designed ergonomically to ensure users comfort.

  • Tourmanium heating for the
    arms and lower legs

    When the user lies down, the heating unit comes into contact with the arm and lower leg areas for muscle pain relief.

  • NDT ceramic heating

    NDT developed by integrating nano-diamond and Tourmanium is characterized by high heat conductivity and excellent anion transfer and IR rays for an exceptional heating effect.

  • Head supporting pad

    The head supporting pad provides improved comfort so that the user can use the device more effectively.

  • Exclusive lumbar heating projector
    for your precious back

    The lumbar heating projector with a designed tailored to the back, which is the central part of the body, helps relieve muscle pain in the back through the heating and acupressure functions.

  • Exclusive thoracic heating projector for
    stimulation of the spinal curve

    The heating projector with thermal and acupressure functions moves gently along the natural curvature of the spine and helps relieve muscle pain in the thoracic area.

  • Exclusive cervical heating projector for tension relief in the neck

    The soft cervical heating projector made of silicone material provides acupressure and thermal effects tailored specifically to the cervical discs.

Three simultaneously moving internal heating projectors

The three internal heating projectors move simultaneously and stimulate the entire length of the spine from the cervical through the thoracic until the lumbar discs at the same time for effective massaging and heating effect.

  • Exclusive lumbar heating projector

  • Exclusive thoracic heating projector

  • Exclusive cervical heating projector

Folder Design

The folder design enhances spatial efficiency

This is a foldable device that can be folded for improved spatial efficiency during storage. It also allows for easy transport using the wheels and handle.

  • High spatial efficiency

    The foldable device ensures high spatial efficiency during storage, and it can be installed easily without any difficult steps.

  • Functional handle

    The handle found on the upper area of the device ensures convenient transport. It can also be used to fold the device more easily for storage.

  • Convenient transport

    It can be transported easily with convenience using the wheels on the bottom.

Convenient folder design

Multi-functional Remote Control

User-oriented multifunctional remote control

Synergy Item

Synergy item for improved user convenience

The low-frequency pad and the 5-ball projector can be used on the desired area for concentrated action. The abdominal heating pad designed for combinational use with N5 can be used on diverse areas of the body for enhanced massaging and heating effects.

  • Convenient 5-ball projector

    It can be used anywhere on the body with maximized contact and convenience for an effective thermal stimulation.

  • Low-frequency pad with diverse uses

    It can be adjusted according to the body size of the user for improved comfort and conformity. It can be used on diverse areas of the body including the abdomen, back, thighs and feet.

  • Abdominal heating padsold separately

    The dome-shaped abdominal heating pad suitable for any body shape can be used in combination with N5. It conforms to the diverse areas of the body including the abdomen, thighs, knees and chest for improved heating effect.

NDT Ceramic

NDT ceramic is a Tourmanium ceramic developed using Nuga Medical’s technology. It enhances the thermal effect of the products through anion electrification and far-infrared (FIR) emission, thereby promoting blood circulation.

Tourmanium Ceramic Production